The EUREKA standing-height enclosure creates a living space with a charm of its own. Its design and transparency let it blend into the pool site without being overshadowing. Pleasantly decorated, it can offer an enjoyable, timeless environment.

More than any other alternative, wall-mounted EUREKA enclosures offer maximum decorative possibilities and personalized environments. These models can bring the pool site into the home or create a pool house.

Telescopic: the principle of telescopic construction without floor mounted rails makes EUREKA enclosures suitable for non-pool applications such as retractable roof extensions, terraces, store fronts, etc. The retractable façade permits the enclosure to fold back on one side yet remain open at the section of your choice according to your needs or pool's configuration.

We manufacture over 200 sunroom/solarium models as well as custom units and skylights, for both the residential and commercial markets. All products are made of structural aluminum framing and tempered insulated glass. We ship coast to coast in the USA. We have supplied units to England, Russia, and South America. Lead times vary based on schedules, seasons, and the complexity of the project. Most residential products require 8-10 weeks to produce. Our emphasis is on quality, which ultimately provides long term value for you. Sunshine Rooms solariums are intended to be a permanent year-round addition to a home or building and are designed accordingly. After ordering a Sunshine Room you will receive drawings depicting the plan view, elevations and details of your solarium. We make all solariums flexible in respect to size, shape, glass options and accessories.